Top Five Freelance Seasonal Jobs: 2022 Edition

Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas. They loom from the shadows in early November making every one of us check the coffers to make sure there’s enough to buy some figgy pudding this Christmas.

Regardless of what’s being served on your dinner table Christmas Eve, Durham Works wants to make sure you and your family have a happy and financially stress-free holiday season.

If you’re someone who is looking to make a little extra cash for the holidays, here are the Top Five Freelance Jobs available this 2022 Holiday Season:

  • Event Set Up/Break Down Non-typical workflow and work schedule. Great for freelancers who are familiar with event planning, but also suitable for those with experience in any kind of unskilled manual labor.


  • Hospitality Front-end, customer facing positions require candidates with high functioning social skills and experience with consumers during the holiday season. These are ideal for individuals looking to build social skills, soft skills, and customer facing skills.


  • Kitchen Staff Ideal for candidates with prior kitchen experience. Restaurants needing staff will prefer a tenured candidate, but entry level positions are available. A unique opportunity to add kitchen staff skills to your resume.


  • Maintenance Large event spaces need additional maintenance staffing during the holiday season. A great opportunity for those who would like to pick up additional shifts at non-typical, or normal hours.


  • Waitstaff/Server A tried-and-true side job during the holiday season, event waitstaff and servers bear the brunt of holiday customers, but also receive an opportunity at the best tips of the season. If you’re looking to pick up a side job with less hours, but a higher ceiling for pay, this may be an option for you.


These Top Five Freelance positions are for candidates who are looking to add hours to their work week as soon as possible to positively impact their pay this holiday season.

If that candidate sounds like you, sign up on our freelance page to be matched to work opportunities according to your experience. Start upskilling today!

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