Delivering Over 50 Years of Excellence…and Innovation

The founders of Durham Works have been involved in the job
marketplace for more than 50 years.

We Are Durham Works

A few years back, when online job marketplaces first came out, we recruiters all thought we were out of a job. Turns out, those marketplaces just increased the need for employers and employees alike to use recruitment to find better candidates and better employers. Even with newer technology advancements, recruiters still go out of their way to find possibilities for their candidates and clients.

That doesn’t mean that the traditional recruitment process has it all figured out, either. We spend a lot of time reading, scanning, and researching job descriptions and job histories looking for the best matches.

At Durham Works, we decided that we needed to develop our own cutting-edge solution:

  • One that identifies good candidates
  • One that identifies good clients

But also, a solution that helps us humans on the other side of the screen help candidates to reach their full potential.

That is why we offer every candidate the chance to chase their dream job, not just their next job

We offer:

  • Career Coaching
  • Skill-Up Training
  • Resume/Profile Maximization
  • Interview Strategies, and More

Finding better candidates isn’t a random process, it’s a long-term relationship process

Durham Works is the platform that goes to work for you. It’s what we are all about.