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What can Durham Works do for me?

DW is a jobs platform and full-service staffing organization, offering job coaching, contract placement, temporary hire, full-time and permanent placement. DW coaches are available to assist in all your employment search needs.

What's the advantage to working with Durham Works?

DW’s SmartMatch AI can place candidates faster than traditional job placements. DW’s mission is to have industry leading compensation turnaround times for completed work. Our user-friendly platform is a platform of choice and the place to be for human resource professionals and job coaching leaders. DW allows you to build your business or work profile at no additional cost. Our platform allows workers greater input, flexibility, power and control over their workplace choices and environment.

If you’re seeking something new and challenging without a long-term commitment DW SmartMatch AI can provide you options from the duration, distance and description you specify. If you are looking for contract work, weekends, or evenings we can provide full or part-time temp work, while you build your business. Contract work is flexible, and you can schedule your hours.

Does DW offer competitive wages?

Our experienced recruiters/job coaches know the most competitive wages that are offered in various industries. We also offer benefits that meet ACA requirements.

What reports are available?

DW offers a comprehensive list of customizable reports such as, Background Reports, Market Reports, Status Reports, Performance Reports, Compensation Reports. Contact a DW coach for a detailed list of available reports.