Hire the right employee the first time and avoid the under-qualified avalanche

You can skip the resume spammers and inbox cloggers with Durham Works. With SmartMatch AI, you post the job, we deliver the resumes. It’s that easy.

Easy as 1-2-3!


Post an Opening

Whether you have 1 position available or 200, we have you covered. Our SmartMatch AI paired with our enormous database of highly skilled employees ensures that we will have the right fit for you.


Review Matches
Review your Matches

Contact your carefully screened matches for an interview without having to dig through a pile of under-qualified applicants.


Make Your Choice
Make your Choice

After interviewing your candidates, we take care of the payroll and HR for that employee for as long as you need to be confident in your decision. This gives you the opportunity to see them in the workplace without committing to a full hire until you are ready.

Multi-position, multi-location search function
1 to 100

You might need one job filled or 100. Create the job profile and let us know how many, where and by when, and we will help you source your needed workforce. We can even assist with inductions for large scale placements!

Platform Powered By SmartMatch AI
Better matches, faster

Find better matches without wading through resumes that aren’t the right fit. Our SmartMatch AI lets you pick from the cream of the crop instead of wading through the bottom of the barrel.

HR Payroll Managed
You don’t have to commit right away

Hiring someone is a big decision and can be costly if they looked alright on paper but are a disaster in the workplace. We can take on the payroll and HR portion of their employment for as long as you need, to give you and the candidate time to make sure it is the right fit for everyone.

Hiring employees made easy through AI, supported with experience

Building up your workforce is a big part of the long term vision that you have for your company.

But…it’s not the highlight of your year when you have to dig through piles of applicants, sit through mind numbing interviews and file all the compliance paperwork that goes with it.

Hiring is a drag.

Durham Works takes the sting out of the hiring process. Ask for more from the jobs platform you post on.

Durham Works is more than a virtual “job bulletin board"

  • Never miss a great candidate with alerts on matches
  • Text message enabled for easy communication
  • All the information, all in one place
  • Access to 1000s of candidates
  • Get assistance when you need it from HR
  • Screen to screen inductions and basic trainings
  • Resume management with team access
  • Job description guidance for better results
  • Hassle-free payroll options

And more…

Get more from your job posting platform.