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Durham Works does more than just helping people find a job. Our job recruiters are here to help you in your next leap forward. Get access to resume and career advice, skills training, and more with career counselors who are with you every step of the way.

Career and Job Search Support

Get an assist from real job recruiters, not robots

We want you to find your next job through us. And your next job. And your next. Build your profile and give us a call for help with resume writing, career counseling, profile polishing, up-skilling and more. It’s all a click and a phone call away.

Talk to a Job Coach

Our job coaches are here to help you. We’re available to speak with you over the phone to help you find the right position, apply for a job, help with resume writing, and offer career counseling to make sure you get the right job right away.

Building an Online Profile

Profile for success

We make it easy for you and your work history to be seen in the best light possible…and make it easy for you to check on the status of your job search. On top of uploading your resume, you can:

  • Connect your social media profiles
  • Determine your work preferences
  • Show off your skills
  • Upload your profile photo
  • Request recommendations

We want to give you the tools to be seen in the best light possible for the best job possible. And you can have it all looked over by a careers support team member to make sure your profile gets you that interview.

Available jobs in every sector

Opportunities for everyone

Durham Works is all about getting you in front of the 1000s of employers that use our services every day to find the right match for their job openings. We cater to businesses in:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Light Industrial
  • Medical Services
  • Office Support, and More

We also cater to you. We are here to help you find the right fit within all of the positions available. All you have to do is sign on.

Opportunities for Everyone at Durham Works
Land a Job on Durham Works

Be the next person to land a job on Durham Works

Durham Works has been working with job seekers for the past 50 years. The secret isn’t in the AI, the secret is in finding the right job for the right person.

We don’t just throw you onto the platform and wish you luck…we help you make your own luck so that you can land the job you want and start skilling up for the promotion you want.

You can keep throwing your resume at jobs posted online. Keep chasing a recruitment agent who never calls you back. Keep doing the same old, same old.

Or you can create a profile that allows you to showcase who you are, what you can do for an employer, and why you are the perfect person for their open position.

You just have to be the next person to build a profile on Durham Works!

Get more with Durham Works platform

  • Alerts when SmartMatch finds you a great fit
  • Text message enabled for easy communication with potential employers
  • A truly integrated platform that showcases you, not just your resume
  • Access to 1000s of jobs in your area
  • Guidance on how you present yourself online
  • Better traction with employers with profile and resume reviews
  • Screen to screen coaching on interview techniques
  • Keyword assistance for maximizing your profile visibility
  • Career growth potential, not just next job potential
You get all of this because you are looking for work on Durham Works.

How It Works

Create Your Profile

Be seen by the right people. Post your resume, professional profile pic, LinkedIn profile, and scannable skills set.

Get Matched

Our SmartMatch AI does the job search for you. When we find your match, we send you an alert so that you can respond and book that interview ASAP!

Keep Growing

We are not just a jobs platform but a career development platform. If you want to skill up, learn some new resume tricks, or need some guidance…we are here for you!