Put our platform to work for you

The power of our SmartMatch AI, with career coaching and HR with Payroll all wrapped into one tidy package. Don’t you look smart?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Stop Sweating the Clock

Get the right candidate and get to them first with the only platform that lets you post, screen, and connect to your candidates all in one place..

Unburden Your P&L

You don’t have to waste time and man hours on doing jobs that don’t add to your bottom line anymore. Outsource time and revenue consuming HR and Payroll duties.

Impress Your Clients

You know your clients can bounce at any time. Be their number one by always having a solution on hand from HR to Payroll to new employees.

You Can Have It All…
All In One Place

Jobs Platform

Smart Match Jobs Platform

The under-qualified applicant-avalanche is over. With SmartMatch AI, we get you the most qualified candidates fast. We even let you text them right on the platform so that no one else gets to them first.

Career Coaching

Up Your Candidate’s Game

Candidate coaching can be time-consuming. Let us do that for you. Connect your applicants to a Durham Coach who can help them to skill up, tailor their resume, and more. All white labeled for your company.

HR & Payroll

Outsource Your HR & Payroll

We handle everything from hire to fire, retirement to predicament. Keeping you in compliance as well as keeping everyone flush with pay.

You are a recruitment professional, but the job has been getting away from you. The hours you put into this job are not paying off and you are feeling it.
Durham Works lifts the endless search burden off your shoulders to give you the opportunity to put your best candidate forward.

We can even take the coaching and the payroll off your hands if you need us to.

We have been in the recruitment business for over 50 years. We know the pain because we have lived it. That is exactly why we built Durham Works and the SmartMatch AI.

We help you bring the best candidate forward so you can put your best foot forward with your client.
Partner with Us

Supercharge Your Recruitment Process

The Durham Works Platform gives you:

  • SmartMatch AI for smarter working hours
  • Seamless communication with candidates and clients
  • Access 1000s of Durham Works candidates on the platform
  • White-label career coaching, making you a careers hero
  • HR solutions that make sense for you and your clients
  • Insight into payroll analysis
  • More hours in the day for business-building activities
  • More opportunities to fill more positions, and more

Get on the platform that lets you operate like a business and less like a madhouse

With SmartMatch AI, we get you the most qualified candidates fast
Finding better candidates isn’t a random process, it’s a long-term relationship process