January: The Best Time to Get a New Job

2023 will start with a near-record 10.7 million open jobs and employers are looking to hire high-quality, vetted candidates.

It can be overwhelming to set up job profile after job profile hoping to hear back from one of the endless barrages of “opportunities” shoved into your inbox.

With so many positions open and so many websites available, how do you keep from being crushed by the sheer weight of everything at your fingertips?

Don’t do it alone! Let Durham Works do the heavy lifting

Trust an expert at Durham Works to walk you through the process of identifying the correct career for you. Rather than an algorithm, Durham Works has real people who review your resume and place you with employers where you’re able to meet your personal work goals.

The staff at Durham Works is also assisted by SmartMatch AI which helps to expedite the process of finding the right job for you.

Gig workers, side hustlers and freelancers, we see you!

Building your freelancer portfolio? Durham Works will connect you with employers in need of freelance workers.

Already know the job you want, but you’re struggling to find the listing that fits? Review our job hunters page and get your search started.

Do you miss that personal touch?

Everyone wants to work and everyone wants to work in a field where they feel challenged and fulfilled. But it’s not always easy figuring that out. Let Durham Works help and connect you with a job coach.

Job coaches are available to speak with you over the phone to help you find the right position, apply for a job, help with resume writing, and offer career counseling to make sure you get the right job right away.

Don’t wait, real opportunity doesn’t

The new year will be here before you know it. At the start of 2023 we will begin placing many candidates at the start of their new career paths. We’d like one of those candidates to be you. Sign up for free today!

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