Find skilled freelancers to
get the job done

Our temp agency can help get your business matched with a qualified freelancer without having your personal information compromised.

Easy at 1-2-3!


Post a job request

Tell us what you need to get done. We ask for location, scope, and skills needed. Then we get to work.


Get Matched

SmartMatch AI sends the job spec to multiple freelancers. We text you when you have a bid. Review, manage, and accept bids on the platform.


Job well done

Upon completion of work, leave a review for a job well done online for your freelancer.

Anonymous bid process
We won’t share your info

Because our bid process is anonymous you aren’t going to be added to a call list, email list, etc for every freelancer in the area. We keep that between us until a bid is accepted

Matches not marketplaces
Get what you need

We take your job details into account when we make matches. That means we are not going to connect you with businesses that are out of your budget, don’t have the skill set you are looking for, or are too far away to commit to the work needed.

All-in-one platform
Keep it all organized

Not only do we text you as soon as a bid comes in, but you can keep everything organized on our platform. Review bids, manage jobs, sign contracts, add tasks, and more. All on the Durham Works platform.

Freelance jobs made simple

At Durham Works, our temp agency makes it easy to post jobs for freelancers. You don’t have to chase down bids, make a million phone calls, or end up on someone’s email list that you can’t unsubscribe from.

Post your project, accept a bid, and get the job done.

Streamline the process of getting a bid

  • Post your job anonymously
  • Text Alerts when you get a Smart Match
  • Access to 100’s of freelancers in your area
  • All-in-one platform for easy project management
  • Selective bidding process with SmartMatch AI
  • Read reviews and view galleries
  • Review the job
  • Pay with confidence through the platform
Bids that fit your budget, your location, and your desired skill set.