Biggest Mistakes an Applicant Makes: From the Recruiters Themselves

Interviews are hard, nerve-wrecking, and trust me, no one really likes them. Being in the staffing industry, our locations and recruiters interview dozens of applicants each week, so they know how to help you prepare for even the toughest of interviews. Follow the advice of our recruiters below and be sure to ace your next interview!

Stay Professional

Just imagine, you are scrolling through Indeed and BAM, there’s the perfect job for you! You hit apply and your resume is sent off to the Recruiter at XYZ Company. Oh, no. You were logged in on your Indeed account with the email address [email protected], how embarrassing!

As an applicant submitting your resume online, you have the chance to make a lasting impression before even meeting a recruiter face to face. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my lasting impression to be that I’m the Krazy Kat Lady.

Keep your email address simple and easy, nothing will stand out. Your name’s Jane Doe? [email protected] is the perfect way to keep it simple, and the recruiter will always know who they are in contact with.

Dress to Impress

Jaime, our Buffalo Office Manager, says it best “Pull up your pants and put on a belt”. Most recruiters are not expecting a suit and tie, at least not in our field, but we also don’t want to see what you wore to bed last night. Recruiters are not your High School Principal or your Fashion Moderator- if you question whether it’s appropriate or not, put on something else.

Remember, we want to help you make the best impression on our clients to land you that perfect job. Our goal is to send the most qualified person for every position and part of that is making sure to look the part!

Show Up

You may think it sounds silly, but it’s serious. Show up to your interview- on time!

Did something happen since you scheduled your interview? Maybe you got a different job, maybe you just no longer think the job is for you.. Whatever the reason may be, call and let your recruiter know. Staffing agencies work with many different companies, so burning your bridges with one agency could mean much worse.

Fine Tune your Interview Skills

You’re not going to have the perfect answer to every question, but be honest! Tell us the skills that you have, and make sure to highlight them! Don’t tell us you know how to do something that you don’t. It’s only going to cause you grief and set you up for failure.

Keep your phone in the car! Your recruiter wants to talk to you and have your focus. As a potential job applicant, you shouldn’t be texting or answering phone calls either during an interview, or while filling out an application.

Keep it all positive. We don’t need to know that you thought your old boss at XYZ Company was a real meanie and recruiters don’t like to think that one day, you’ll be talking about their company like that.

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