A real-world Durham Works success story: Geneva Roszel

We could go on-and-on about the benefits of working with Durham Works, but who better to hear it from than a former job seeker themself? Read below to learn more about Geneva Roszel and her journey with Durham Works.

Dear Reader,

I’m writing to say that I am a former Durham job seeker. I have worked with Durham on a few occasions to receive services from this agency. This is a terrific agency if you’re looking for placement.

In 2013, I found myself without a job and needed immediate placement. Durham asked me to cover the front desk at a local Niagara Falls company while the receptionist was on vacation. I took the job that week without hesitation. Any money is better than no money. From there, I quickly demonstrated my capabilities and the folks at this company took notice. I was asked to stay on for an additional six weeks to help with some projects. I stayed for the duration but then was without a job again, as they didn’t have any permanent positions available for my qualifications. Durham again helped with placement, and I worked for another company for one year.

During that time, I maintained contact with my previous employer and one day received a call asking if I was interested in applying for the administrative assistant position they had available. Of course, I was interested. I applied, interviewed, completed all the requirements and was offered the position. Fast forward 8 years, I am still with that company. I received my professional certification in HR and was the HR Coordinator with them for the last several years. I recently transferred to their location in Virginia. It’s a brand new facility. I expressed my interest in transferring to VA and one year later, here I am.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about the flip side. I’ve also had the great pleasure to work with Durham on a regular basis when we are recruiting for our Niagara Falls location. Debbie W. has been a wonderful business partner. Her knowledge of the industry is key in supporting our efforts to acquire employees that truly have the qualifications and motivation to join our organization. In fact, all the professionals at Durham have been wonderful to work with. They truly listen to what we are looking for and will do their very best to ensure they meet our specifications.

I’ve been on both sides of the coin. I’ve been looking for placement and Durham helped me secure a career. Through that job, I’ve been responsible to recruit for various roles and Durham has always gone above and beyond to help fill those roles as expeditiously as possible. I would like to thank Durham for helping me excel both personally and professionally.

With warmest regards,

Geneva Roszel

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